NovaSure Treats Heavy Bleeding

Roughly 1 in 5 women experience menorrhagia, or heavy bleeding, and the various challenges associated with menstruation each month. Due to pain and irregularity, many report disruptions in their normal physical, professional, and social life activities. Fortunately, the NovaSure® Endometrial Ablation System is available to help treat the symptoms of abnormal bleeding, as its innovative technology is designed to slow down or stop heavy menstrual cycles.

NovaSure may be an effective alternative for those who cannot, or opt not to, have a hysterectomy, or use hormone replacement therapy. It’s also recommended only for those who are finished having children.

How It Works

NovaSure is a one-time treatment procedure where a small device is inserted into the uterus. Radiofrequency energy waves are then used to remove the uterine lining that causes excessive bleeding. After a few minutes of treatment, the device is removed, and the ablation procedure is completed. As a result, the uterine lining is halted from contracting and shedding, thus lessening or stopping heavy bleeding in most women.

Proven Results

NovaSure is performed in a gynecologist’s office with a board-certified anesthesiologist for patient comfort and safety. The procedure takes just a few minutes to complete, and is an irreversible treatment. It has been proven a safe and effective procedure, with a 90 percent success rate. Overall, the NovaSure system changes problematic cycles, and can improve overall quality of life by providing women with the confidence and assurance they need to live comfortably.

Scheduling a Consultation

For those experiencing abnormal heavy bleeding during menstruation, consulting with the physicians of Woodlands OBGYN Associates is vital. Each gynecologist will review treatment options, do a medical assessment and examine health history, and then recommend which options are best. Most insurances cover the NovaSure procedure. To make an appointment, or for more information, call 281-364-9898.

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