Your First Trip To The Gynecologist

Most health care experts recommend that teenage girls see a gynecologist by their 18th birthday or when they start having sexual intercourse, whichever comes first. Most teen girls feel nervous about going to the gynecologist for the first time. However, it will be a lot easier to prepare for a trip to Woodlands OBGYN Associates if one knows what to expect. Below are some things you can expect when you visit the gynecologist for the first time:

Review Of Your Medical History

Your ob-gyn will discuss your family and personal health history. If you have any questions about your menstrual cycle, birth control or sexually transmitted diseases, you will want to make sure you tell your physician. You may want to prepare a list of questions for the doctor before your appointment. Furthermore, it is very important for you to be honest with your doctor. If you have had sexual intercourse, you will need to let your physician know.

Physical Examination

You will have your blood pressure, height, weight and temperature checked during your examination. You may also be asked to provide a urine sample. Additionally, your doctor will check your lungs, heart, neck and abdomen.

Breast Examination

Even though it is very rare for teenage girls to develop breast cancer, your doctor will still check your breasts for lumps. A lump in the breast may be a sign of breast cancer. Your doctor will also teach you how you can do self-breast examinations. The best time to perform a self-breast examination is 10 days after your last period.

Pelvic Examination

Your physician will examine your outside genitalia and look for soreness and swelling. Your ob-gyn will also examine the vaginal walls and cervix by inserting a small speculum into the vagina. If necessary, your doctor can check for sexually-transmitted diseases by taking a sample of cervical mucus.

Your doctor will check the position and size of the uterus and ovaries during the pelvic examination. The physician will insert one or two gloved fingers into the vagina and gently press on the stomach in order to examine the uterus and ovaries. Additionally, your physician will use a spatula or small brush to collect cells from the cervix. The sample will be sent to a laboratory and tested for cancerous and pre-cancerous cells. This test is known as a pap smear.

If the results of the pap smear are normal, you do not have to get another one for a year. However, if your pap smear is abnormal, you will have to get another one. You may also have to get further testing. In most cases, the results of the pap smear are available within seven to 10 days.

The pelvic examination may be uncomfortable. However, you can reduce the discomfort of this examination by taking some slow, deep breaths. This will help relax the vaginal and stomach muscles.

Your physician is very respectful of your modesty. You will wear an examination gown during your exam. The only parts of your body that will be exposed are what is being examined.

Woodlands OBGYN Associates has your health in mind and making that appointment will ensure a healthy start.

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