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nutritionEnergy in a bottle, where can I find that!?

Well, it’s out there, but it is not ideal or even deemed safe. When you eat and hydrate properly, it goes a very long way toward not feeling like you need it.

Food is the fuel required to function.

We have all heard of the basic food groups and the pyramid and the recommended daily balance of the groups when it comes to nutrition for women. Fat restrictions or lean meat is suggested but where do you find these things easily in today’s life? It just isn’t possible to run out for lunch while you’re at work and find anything that a nutritionist would eat, right? No, not exactly. Most fast food restaurants have a few choices that can fuel you up without costing you all of your available fat calories. Good quality fuel then, it follows, would give you more energy but it is not the only ingredient necessary for feeling energetic. Exercise plays a role that many are unaware of. It is proven and discussed in more detail in this article exercise and the benefits of physical activity by the Mayo Clinic staff.

In addition to food and exercise, the body needs water.

Your body’s major systems could not function without it. Well hydrated skin looks younger, too.  Sometimes, we recommend vitamins or supplements as the basic building blocks of nutrition for women. For example, prenatal vitamins are very important. Other supplements contribute to strengthening bone, or lubricating joints, such as is needed during latter years or for anyone with stiffness.

Some of the products we suggest are available online through this special web page created by Woodland OBGYN Associates and Nature’s Pharmaceuticals.

We want to provide you with everything you need for a healthy and rich life for many years to come.