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Medi-WeightLoss Clinic

Most people tend to follow their diet at home without the help of a personal trainer or a dietician. They try to lose weight gradually without help but this does not work. In a physician supervised weight loss program, you can actually get the services of all these personnel at the same time and ensure that you gain health. A medical weight loss program is carried out under the supervision of a trained medical doctor.

He or she will be able to assess your health and Body Mass Index (BMI) and then prescribe the necessary nutrition changes, lifestyle change and weight loss programs to ensure you lose weight gradually and gain health. Under the supervision of a medical doctor or a physician supervised weight loss program, you may also be prescribed fat-blockers or medical weight loss prescriptions and bariatric medical weight loss surgery procedures to help you lose weight gradually. A medical doctor is the only one who can only prescribe drugs in a weight loss surgery program and combining a physician supervised weight loss with surgery will just accelerate your medical weight loss and help you gain health.


A medical weight loss program is the most successful type of program for patients who find it difficult to lose weight. A physician supervised weight loss program needs to be literally supervised by a qualified doctor. Supportive staff in the form of nurses, nurse practitioners, registered dietitians and / or psychologists will work together to ensure that the patients loses weight and he will gain health.