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Gestational Diabetes is Diabetes You Develop During Pregnancy

It is possible to develop diabetes during pregnancy. In fact, two to ten percent (2-10%) of pregnant women will be diagnosed with diabetes during pregnancy. The term “gestational diabetes” simply means that diagnosis occurs during pregnancy.

There are many resources available if you are diagnosed with diabetes. Although it is likely that your diabetes will go away after pregnancy, (if diagnosed during pregnancy) for now, you must treat yourself as someone who has diabetes.

Diabetes is more likely to influence blood pressure and can cause a condition called preeclampsia in the mother during pregnancy. Preeclampsia is a potentially dangerous complication which is characterized by high blood pressure, which can make pregnancy difficult and can prove to be serious for both mother and child.

Another issue we take into consideration as physicians is that patients with diabetes tend to have larger babies than patients who don’t. An infant that is considered “too large” for their gestational age requires similar monitoring as that of a premature infant. In addition, close monitoring of both mother and child is required in order to insure the health and well-being of both. Both mother and child have more difficulty maintaining their blood sugar levels and body temperature than the average newborn does. Of course, this brings cause for concern.

You can improve your chances of delivering a healthy baby by following the advice of your doctor, seeing any specialists we recommend, eating a healthy diet and exercising as instructed. We will ask you about your exercise and activity levels and about your diet. We will also be monitoring the size and growth rate of your unborn baby more closely than low-risk pregnancies and we will be checking your urine for sugars and proteins, which provide us specific insights as to how you are doing. If sugars or proteins are present in your urine, this is an indication that excessive sugars are in your bloodstream and we must immediately address this so as to mitigate any harm to you or your developing child.

While managing diabetes can be complicated, the  doctors at Woodlands OBGYN Associates are well experienced and able to manage your prenatal care, including gestational diabetes.