Da Vinci Robotic Myomectomy

We offer advanced da Vinci robotic Myomectomy proceedures

davinci imgThe decision is made. Soon your myomectomy surgery will change your quality of life. In most cases, the heavy menstrual flow and painful cramps will cease as the uterus will be preserved for childbearing.

Myomectomy is the method of removal of myomas, fibroids, can be one of several including robot-assisted laparoscopy, laparoscopy, and laparotomy (abdominal incision). The choice will be dependent upon a number of factors such as size of the fibroid, location and number.

The newest method available to you for myomectomy is the da Vinci system. Using robotics-assisted technology, your physician is able to be more precise than ever before. The result is less risk of healthy tissue loss, less bleeding intraoperatively, less pain, and a shorter recovery time in comparison with laparoscopy alone or laparotomy.

Although a laparotomy may require a longer recovery, in some cases it may actually maximize your chances for a future pregnancy. There are multiple factors your physician will consider before recommending a treatment plan.

If you have questions, and you will, write them down and bring them along with any other tests you have already had to your appointment.

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