The advantages of genetic testing at Woodlands OBGYN Associates

istock 1138371379 While every parent hopes for a healthy pregnancy and newborn baby, there are certain conditions that may impact his goal. At Woodlands OBGYN Associates, we want to help women get through their pregnancy and understand the risks associated when dealing with genetic conditions, birth defects, and other concerns that may impact the trajectory of their pregnancy. Our doctors may recommend genetic testing for many of our patients as it can provide answers early on and allow the team to prepare for issues that may arise during pregnancy or after childbirth for the parent and/or baby. Genetic testing allows a parent to obtain answers regarding their baby’s health while in the womb to make appropriate plans and decisions. Certain high level risks can make pregnancy stressful, so genetic testing may be encouraged in certain situations.

When should a woman consider genetic testing?

There are many situations that can arise during which our team at Woodlands OBGYN Associates may encourage genetic testing. This includes recommendations for:

  • Women who are over the age of 35 and pregnancy
  • Those with genetic disorders in the family, including hemophilia or cystic fibrosis
  • Individuals or couples who have experienced infertility or multiple miscarriages
  • Individuals with a birth defect or intellectual disability
  • Women who have had screening tests indicate a risk of neural tube defects or chromosome disorders
  • Women who have had exposure to viruses, radiation, drugs, or alcohol
  • Individuals of certain ethnic groups which puts them at an increased risk for certain genetic disorders
  • Women who want a clear understanding of their baby’s health during their pregnancy
  • Individuals who have had unusual screening results or ultrasounds that cause reason for concern

Learn more about genetic testing

At Woodlands OBGYN Associates, we offer genetic testing as just one of many services available in our practice. Drs. Rielly, Westmoreland, Syal, and Everson of The Woodlands, TX are here to help ensure you have a happy, healthy pregnancy and birth. Contact our facility by calling  (281) 364-9898 and visiting our office at 17183 I-45 #610. We are always accepting new patients into our state-of-the-art facility, serving patients in and around the communities of Texas.

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