What You Need To Know: Hormone Replacement Therapy & Menopause

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a treatment option for women who are experiencing problems during menopause, or after completing menopause.

Why You Should Consider HRT?

Throughout the menopausal stage of your life, your body produces less and less of its natural hormones. After you have completed menopause, your body no longer produces the hormones at all. Because of this, you may experience a number of problems and unexpected health changes.

Hot flashes, mood swings, and vaginal dryness are some of the most common problems. As each woman is unique, women experience these issues in varying degrees.

If you are thinking about HRT, consider how much your menopausal symptoms affect you and your everyday life. Hormone replacement therapy can relieve your symptoms by providing a balanced level of hormones that will help your body function naturally as it did before menopause; however, to a lesser degree.

It can also reduce your risk of developing osteoporosis. If you develop osteoporosis, your bones will become thinner, and they will not be as strong as when you were younger. As a result, you will have an increased risk of bone fractures.

HRT Is Not For Everyone

There are risks and side effects associated with HRT. There are a number of health and medical conditions that could make HRT unsuitable for some women.

Side effects from HRT may include vaginal bleeding, nausea, headaches, mood changes, tender or swollen breasts, and bloating.

How to Make a Decision

Whether or not HRT is right for you is an issue to discuss with your doctor as a first step. Your doctor should know your medical history, take your age and other factors into consideration, and perform a complete evaluation of your health and recurring symptoms prior to recommending HRT.

While HRT can be useful, you should not use any product that has not been given to you by your own physician. Even if you want to relieve your symptoms, do not take unnecessary risks with your health.

Hormone replacement therapy may be precisely what you need for better health during and after menopause. For the best results, follow your physician’s advice.

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