Experience Natural Vaginal Rejuvenation With MonaLisa Touch®

MonaLisa Touch® is essentially a laser therapy used as a treatment for changes in vaginal health typically brought on by menopause. This treatment can help women gain “natural” vaginal rejuvenation and relieve common symptoms like:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Painful intercourse
  • Itching
  • Burning
  • Vaginal laxity

While MonaLisa Touch® treats vaginal laxity and provides vaginal rejuvenation, it is not a vaginal tightening treatment that is found in the formal procedure of vaginal rejuvenation. Patients will experience tightening because of the changes that occur in the texture and thickness of the vaginal tissue. However, the overall goal of the treatment is not to tighten, but to correct the underlying problem with the tissue. This will also help women with vaginal atrophy to feel ‘normal’ again after menopause.

How the Treatment Works

MonaLisa Touch® can be used to treat the previously highlighted symptoms in patients who have had breast cancer treatments, undergone a hysterectomy or have had their ovaries removed.  Essentially, this treatment addresses vaginal dryness, which describes vaginal changes that develop when estrogen (female hormone) levels significantly decrease.  A product of the ovaries, estrogen plays an essential role in lubricating vaginal tissues and keeping them healthy.

The treatment involves using a fractional CO2 laser, designed specifically to administer stimulation to vaginal tissue.  It naturally brings about moisture and vaginal rejuvenation, and in December 2014, the MonaLisa Touch® gained FDA approval.  This procedure is done without using hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which makes it ideal for women who are unable to, or choose not to, use HRT to treat vaginal dryness.  For example, a number of cancer survivors cannot get hormone therapy because of their medical history. Therefore, this treatment is currently their only real option.

The Pain Factor

The fractional CO2 laser used inside the vagina does not cause any pain. The only discomfort experienced by patients may be during the initial treatment, when the laser hand piece is initially inserted into the vagina.  This discomfort stems from the vaginal dryness symptoms.  The majority of patients say the actual laser firing feels like a slight vibration.

A Typical Treatment

Typically, a treatment lasts for a maximum of 3 minutes of actual laser-treatment time.  Below is an example of how a visit could go:

Following check-in, vital signs are taken, and then you will be escorted to the procedure room.  After changing into your gown, you will lie on an examination table with your feet placed in stirrups.  A sterile “insertion ring” will then be placed in the vaginal opening by the doctor.  The “insertion ring” is essentially a circular device that enables the insertion and movement of the laser hand piece without your labia becoming bruised from friction.  After the insertion has been completed, the laser treatment will begin as vaginal tissue is treated with the lasers. The doctor will ensure the affected areas are completely treated.  Following treatment, nothing should be placed in your vagina for a few days.

Millions of peri and post-menopausal women are affected by dryness and painful intercourse.  The MonaLisa Touch® is the first real non-hormonal treatment available that has provided real long-term relief and bring about vaginal rejuvenation naturally.  The treatment has been life changing for women who have been suffering for years; many of whom had been unable to be intimate with their partners.

If you are considering natural vaginal rejuvenation, schedule your consultation today with Woodlands OBGYN Associates.

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