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ED is the loss of ability to achieve a satisfactory erection. Even with a normal testosterone level, ED can occur. Most ED is due to underlying vascular problems. Medications such as Viagra work to help dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow in the penis. The Priapus Shot improves blood flow in the penis by stimulating the growth of new blood vessels and nerves.

The Priapus Shot for Guys

The Priapus Shot® (or P-Shot®) for men is a clinical treatment that provides a specific way of using your own blood-derived growth factors to rejuvenate the penis.  It is a breakthrough, clinically-proven, safe, and effective procedure that helps male sexual wellness — without surgery, or the use of medications.

Dr. Syal is specially trained and the only physician in our practice that offers this service.

Rejuvenate Sexual Wellness – Revitalize Performance!

Although each man’s experience *varies, benefits of the P-Shot® include:

  • Enhanced sensation and pleasure
  • Stronger Erection
  • Increased size of penis
  • Increased circulation within the penis for a healthier organ
  • Additional therapies like Viagra® or Cialis® work better
  • Zero allergic reactions (using your own body’s fluids)
  • No lumpiness
  • Minimal to no discomfort

Understanding the P-Shot® Procedure

  • A numbing lidocaine cream is applied to the penis.
  • A small amount of blood is drawn from the arm. Using a centrifuge, Dr. Syal will then isolate platelets from that blood, all within about 15 minutes in the office. The platelets are then “activated” to release a minimum of eight growth factors that would normally be used to rebuild injured tissue. These growth factors work to stimulate increased collagen and blood flow in the penis.
  • The liquid plasma is transferred into a syringe and injected into the penis– using a tiny needle and a method that distributes the growth factors in the proper way.

Getting Guys Results @ Woodlands OBGYN Associates

The results of this safe, non-surgical 20-minute procedure are dramatic and long lasting. However, it is important to note that not every man will necessarily achieve similar results or satisfaction with the Priapus Shot. Yet, it has been shown that the increase in the length, girth and sensitivity of the penis, as well as treatment results for most men are quite impressive.

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  • About 80% of men improve after the first P-Shot® treatment.
  • Approximately 90% are very impressed after their second procedure.
  • It typically takes about 12 weeks to experience the full effect.
  • Some men may request a series of two or three P-Shots, spaced 8 to 12 weeks apart, to reach their desired potential.
  • Further Improvement is noticed with each additional treatment.

Erectile Dysfunction Shock Wave Therapy (EDSWT)

EDSWT uses acoustic shock therapy focusing on blood vessels to promote the growth of new vessels resulting in improved blood flow to the penis. Some will improve to the point of not needing medications for ED.  Others may still need medications but will have better erections usually with lower doses.  We recommend 6 treatments – once a week or 2 times a week – Both protocols are effective.  Each treatment lasts about 20 minutes and costs $300.00. Most will notice improvement after the third treatment.

Who Is a Good Candidate for The P Shot®?

It’s estimated that between 15 and 30 million men in the U.S. suffer from erectile dysfunction. Beyond having ED, most men have problems with their erections from time to time, particularly as they enter middle age. This can cause issues with relationships and self-esteem. The Priapus Shot® can help with these problems.

Every Guy Needs to Know…

There are a few things that may cause the P-Shot® to be less effective, or require additional treatments. Since the experienced physicians of Woodlands OBGYN Associates are concerned about you getting the desired results, please be aware that the following issues may decrease the expected results:

  • Smoking
  • Lack of exercise
  • Vascular disease

We understand that for some men, challenges with intimacy and sexual performance can be hard to handle and discuss.  However, you can be proactive and take the 1st step by consulting with Dr. Syal to see if the P-Shot is right for you. To help with your decision, Woodlands OBGYN Associates is offering…

Is the P-Shot® Procedure Painful?

There is mild to moderate pain form the actual injection of the plasma. Prior to the procedure, the injection area is fully numbed with topical lidocaine. Our doctors use a very fine, short needle for these injections, as well. The topical lidocaine decreases the pain of the initial insertion of the needle.

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Are There Risks and Associated Side Effects with The P-Shot®?

You need to remember that the platelet-rich plasma used for your P-Shot® comes from your own blood. The platelet-rich plasma is then injected. Because it is your own blood, there is no risk for  a reaction or side effects from these shots. This is actually a very simple procedures that provide impressive results for our patients.

How Long After Having the P-Shot® Can I Resume Sexual Activity?

You may resume sexual activity about 4 hours after having your P-Shot®.

How Many P-Shots Will I Need?

Since there are many causes of erectile dysfunction it is impossible to predict results from a single treatment.  If you can have an erection now it will help to make it better.  If you cannot have an erection, then additional treatments may be needed.

Generally, this is a one-time procedure. Results will usually last a year or more. If at that time you feel your function is declining again, another P-Shot® would maintain your results.

How Long Do Erectile Dysfunction Shock Wave Therapy Treatments Take?

These sessions take about 15 minutes.

How Does Shock Wave Therapy Work.

Shock wave uses sound energy to promote the growth of new blood vessels.  This increases the blood flow during an erection. We recommend 6 sessions for treatment.

Is Erectile Dysfunction Shock Wave Therapy and The Priapus Shot Covered by Insurance?

Unfortunately, these treatments are considered to be experimental procedures at this time. Because of that designation, insurance companies do not cover these treatments.

Below is a link the research articles supporting the Priapus shot and Shockwave therapy.


  • P-Shot® for MEN $1,500 (includes one shockwave therapy session).
  • Additional shockwave therapy sessions, if desired are $300.00 per session.

Is Erectile Dysfunction Shock Wave Therapy and The Priapus Shot Covered by Insurance?

For more information or to schedule your P-Shot® consultation, call Wodlands OBGYN Associates today at 281.364.9898 or click here to contact us online. Our practice serves Conroe, TX and the surrounding areas.

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