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Understanding perimenopause

By henley.tabal | July 15, 2022
Senior Couple Relaxing On Sofa At Home

As we age, our bodies go through a lot of changes. One change that can be especially difficult to manage is perimenopause. Many women who visit Drs. Kellyn Rielly, Holly Westmoreland, Raj Syal, and Jenna Everson of Woodlands OBGYN Associates of The Woodlands, TX may ask questions about this transition into their later stages of […]

Cosmetic and medical vaginal procedures available at Woodlands OBGYN Associates

By henley.tabal | June 15, 2022
female enjoying sunny day on tropical beach summertime

Intimate areas such as the vagina can be sensitive, and some women experience issues with the skin, tissues, or organs in this area. Women who are noticing certain issues such as uncomfortable sex, rubbing of excess vaginal skin and tissues, or prolapse of pelvic organs can connect with Woodlands OBGYN Associates to discus possible surgical […]

Understanding female incontinence

By henley.tabal | May 15, 2022
woman stomachache with toilet in the morning

Women in The Woodlands, TX area who are struggling with maintaining bladder control will want to speak to a professional team to get a definitive diagnosis of their condition and discuss possible options for treatment. The inability to maintain bladder control is known as female incontinence, and can range from mild to severe. With the […]

How to stay healthy during your pregnancy

By henley.tabal | April 15, 2022
doctor with stethoscope listening to pregnant woman

Pregnancy is a time of great change for your body. You are growing a new life inside you, and your body is working hard to make sure that everything goes smoothly. It’s important to stay healthy during pregnancy so that both you and your baby can enjoy a safe and healthy pregnancy. Here are some […]

Using TruSculpt to improve body contours

By henley.tabal | January 15, 2022
With Surgical Lines on her Body Before Beauty Operation.

Do you deal with cellulite and fat on the lower half of your body? Does it make you self-conscious about how you look, or difficult to find clothing that fits and looks great? Do you dread the idea of plastic surgery and want a less invasive approach to building the body you want? If this […]

What is pelvic prolapse?

By ryan.loweree | October 15, 2021
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If you are experiencing discomfort in the pelvic area along with pressure or a lump in the vaginal canal, you might be dealing with a condition known as pelvic organ prolapse. Pelvic organ prolapse is a condition where the structures in the pelvic, including the rectum, uterus, and bladder, protrude into the vaginal canal. At […]

Female incontinence treatment options

By tess martin | September 15, 2021
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As women age, a number of situations may occur. For some, issues such as urinary incontinence become a problem. Female urinary incontinence can be embarrassing, which is why lots of women avoid talking about the issue with their doctor. However, with an open conversation with a medical professional, women can not only get a proper […]

How often do I need ultrasounds when pregnant?

By matt.karban | August 15, 2021
felipe bustillo 7ixep6004ts unsplash 1

Congratulations on your pregnancy! This is a wonderful journey for many women who enter into motherhood for the first time. Growing and delivering a healthy baby is critical for every mother, and with the help of a quality team of obstetricians and gynecologists, women can navigate this journey with medical professionals who care. Part of […]

Should I follow a nutritional diet and exercise regularly during pregnancy?

By matt.karban | July 15, 2021
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When women find out they are pregnant, they may have a lot of emotions. Many are excited, while others may start to worry about whether or not they are maintaining a healthy lifestyle to ensure a safe pregnancy. Having questions about caring for the body during this time is normal, and one area of concern […]

Vaginal rejuvenation with the MonaLisa Touch device

By editor | June 15, 2021
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At Woodlands OBGYN Associates of The Woodlands, TX, we are proud to be one of the few medical practices in the area offering MonaLisa Touch laser therapy. The MonaLisa Touch device is a nonsurgical treatment that is used by a doctor to regenerate vaginal tissues and help resolve a variety of concerns that impact women. […]

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