Well-Woman Visit

Experience Well-Woman Visits w/Woodlands OBGYN

An annual well woman visit is the foundation of your gynecologic care. During this visit we will focus on your reproductive health, screening, preventative care and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

It is also an opportunity to discuss your overall health and any problems or concerns.

Depending on severity of the problems, follow up visits may be necessary.

There are several things you can do to help prepare for your well-woman visit each year with Woodlands OBGYN Associates. Here are a few:

  • Write down your questions ahead of time.
  • Be prepared to discuss your medical history, and bring previous medical records for any ongoing concerns /problems you may have.
  • Bring a list of your current medications, including vitamins and supplements.
  • Be sure to note the first calendar day that your last period started.

Reproductive Care at Every Stage

As you go from adolescence to menopause your needs and concerns will change. At Woodlands OBGYN Associates we are prepared to meet your needs and concerns.

At your well woman exam many topics may be addressed including birth control, STD testing, planning for pregnancy, hormones and any gynecological concerns.

Appropriate screening tests such as a mammogram, bone density, ultrasound or bloodwork may be ordered as well depending on your individual situation.

Please understand, depending on your insurance plan the concerns or symptoms you may want addressed may not be covered under your wellness benefit.

The Pap Smear

The pap smear is a procedure that takes a sample of cells from your cervix and looks for cancerous and precancerous cells.

The first pap smear is done at twenty-one years old and the last pap smear is typically at sixty- five years old. The frequency of pap smears between these ages will depend on your medical history, prior pap smear results and guidelines based on your age.

In addition, your insurance company may also have rules about the frequency you are allowed to have a pap smear and other testing. Please contact them for clarification.

A well-woman exam is recommended yearly even if a pap is not performed during that visit.
There are many things addressed at an annual well women exam other than the pap smear.

Staying Connected

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