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At Woodlands OBGYN Associates we want you to enjoy your pregnancy and have the best experience during the delivery of your baby!

How often will I be seen during my pregnancy?

Normally your visits will be scheduled every 4 weeks from now until 32 weeks, every 2 weeks from 32-36 weeks, and then weekly until delivery. If you have any high-risk pregnancy issues, then you may be seen more frequently.

What routine tests will I have done?

At your first visit, blood is drawn and tested for your blood type and Rh factor, blood count (to check for anemia), rubella (to check for exposure to German Measles), as well as tests for syphilis, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. You may also need a pap smear. Other tests may be performed at this time as well based on your medical, obstetrical, or family history.

When you are 28 weeks into your pregnancy, your blood count for anemia will be rechecked, and you will be screened for gestational diabetes with the one-hour glucola test. If your Rh factor is negative, then you will receive a shot of Rhogam at 28 weeks as well. It is also required that are you retested for HIV and Syphilis at this time.

In addition, when you are 36 weeks, we do a vaginal culture to look for Group B Strep. Group B Strep is a bacterium that many women carry in the vagina. It is usually asymptomatic and does not cause any problems but has the potential to cause an infection in a baby. If this test is positive, you will be treated with IV antibiotics during labor.

These tests are drawn in our office as a convenience for you and then are sent to a lab facility. The lab we used is Arbor Diagnostics.

Many insurance companies specify that you use a specific lab such as Labcorp or Quest. We have an agreement with Arbor Diagnostics that they will honor all tests received as “in network”.

Your physician will make recommendations for various tests based on their medical opinion and your specific medical situation.

Insurance coverage varies widely and is determined by multiple factors. Because the insurance company guidelines change frequently and can vary from plan to plan, we do not maintain a list of restrictions, policies, or covered benefits.

We will provide Arbor Diagnostics with your insurance information so they may bill you for the testing. We have no control over your insurance company in regards to their method of payment, coverage policy, amount of payment, or what amount of payment may be applied deductible or copayments. You will receive a bill from the lab for any amount determined to be your responsibility by your insurance company.

Do I need extra vitamins?

You may need extra nutrients including iron, folic acid, and calcium. Most often a prenatal vitamin may be all that you need. We would also recommend taking a DHA supplement during your pregnancy. Some prenatal vitamins contain this already; otherwise, you can take a supplement. We will discuss your individual needs during your prenatal visits. Please do not take any vitamins or supplements without speaking to us first.

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