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Where will I deliver my baby?
We deliver our patients at Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital. It is an outstanding facility with exceptional nursing, anesthesia services, and NICU if needed for you and your baby.
The phone number for labor and delivery is 936-270-2796.

Who will deliver my baby?

We recognize what a special time the birth of your baby is and we appreciate sharing this experience with you! If the doctor that has been seeing you during your pregnancy is not on call or available to be at your delivery, you will be delivered by another physician. That other physician may be one of us, or one of the Methodist OB Hospitalists. The Hospitalists are board-certified OBGYN’s with years of experience. They are all superbly trained physicians, as well as warm, compassionate individuals, with whom we are confident that you will receive the highest quality of care.

As of January 2019, Dr. Syal has transitioned his practice exclusively to gynecology. Any of his patients who are pregnant will be accommodated by our office and trusted physicians. After delivery, you are welcome to continue your gynecological care with Syal.

Do I have to register at the hospital?

YES — you can register at the hospital any time after the first trimester.

Online, go to or call 936-270-2796. After you have completed the online registration, the hospital will contact you to come in for an appointment to complete your registration. It is important to know that you MUST go in for this appointment to complete your registration. If you have not done this, we are unable to schedule you for a cesarean section or induction until this is completed.

Are there any childbirth classes or tours I should take?

There are childbirth center tours and a number of classes offered through the hospital. These are all optional and you do not need to take any classes.
You can get more information at or call 936-270-3333.

What about cord blood and tissue collection?

We recommend doing cord blood and tissue collection (stem cell banking) to preserve your babies cord blood and tissue stem cells. This is your one chance to collect these potentially lifesaving stem cells.

Cord blood and tissue stem cells are used today to treat many different diseases. These include life-threatening diseases such as leukemia and other cancers, as well as certain blood and immune diseases. In addition, it is being used in clinical trials to treat things like brain injury, cerebral palsy, heart disease, diabetes, and hearing loss.

There are several cord blood banks, but we recommend that you use either Cord Blood Registry (CBR), Viacord, Stemcyte, or Evercord. We will discuss cord blood with you during your visits, and please feel free to ask us any questions.

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