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Your New Beginning Matters at Woodlands OBGYN

Dear Expectant Parents,

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Pregnancy is a very special time, and we are excited to share this incredible journey with you and your family. We look forward to helping you have the best pregnancy and delivery experience possible as you welcome your new baby!

Congratulations Again!
Raj Syal MD, Jenna Everson MD, Holly Westmoreland MD, and Kellyn Rielly DO

Our Services

We offer a variety of services to help you navigate your pregnancy with ease:

  • Childbirth preparation: Having a baby is one of the most important times in a woman’s life. We offer prenatal care, genetic counseling and testing, and education resources to ensure you have a healthy pregnancy.
  • High-risk pregnancies: High-risk pregnancies due to pre-existing medical conditions or complications that arise during your pregnancy require to help of a skilled OB/GYN team. We collaborate with other members of your care team to ensure both your and your baby’s wellness are optimized with complications.
  • Genetic testing: If genetic testing is wanted or required, we offer pre and post-testing counseling to help you understand why the rationale and results.
  • Diet and exercise: We create a personalized diet and exercise routine to help you stay active throughout your pregnancy.
  • Postpartum Care: After giving birth, we provide postpartum care, such as postpartum examinations, breastfeeding advice, and emotional support.
  • Education and support: We believe that knowledge is key, so we always provide you with the latest information and educational resources about your health and pregnancy.

Why Choose Woodlands OB/GYN Associates

Our team of experienced and compassionate medical providers understands how special this of your life. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional medical care no matter where you are in your pregnancy. Whether you are considered high-risk or are trying to conceive, we are here to guide you and answer any questions or concerns you may have. If you’d like to schedule an appointment or have any questions, contact Woodlands OB/GYN Associates in Conroe, Texas, at 281-364-9898.

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Genetic Testing

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High-Risk Pregnancy

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Preparing For Childbirth

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Ensure Your Baby’s Wellness.

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Additional Patient Resources

Can’t find what you’re looking for? No worries! Check out our “Patient Resources” section that’s perfect for inquisitive expected Moms! Find everything from healthy eating habits, to diabetes and pregnancy; simply read and research to your heart’s content. However, if you still have questions, give us a call at 281.364.9898.

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