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No matter what kind of shape you’re in, it is highly likely you have pockets of fat that you simply can’t get rid of with changes in diet and exercise. This is especially true of the abdomen and the flanks.

At Woodlands OBGYN, we offer truSculpt iD body contouring from Cutera. This non-invasive body-contouring procedure eliminates up to 24 percent of the fat in the treatment areas, all through the use of radiofrequency energy. About that RF energy… It also adds a secondary benefit to truSculpt treatments. It tightens the skin across the treatment areas!

What is truSculpt iD?

truSculpt iD is the latest version of truSculpt. As with truSculpt3D, it provides an alternative to invasive liposuction surgery. The mechanism used by truSculpt iD is radiofrequency energy, which is delivered painlessly down through the epidermis into the dermis and fat layers of the skin through a variety of different handpieces. This RF energy converts to heat and destroys fat cells, which are then removed by the body’s lymphatic system. In addition to reducing about 24 percent of the fat in the treatment areas, truSculpt iD’s RF energy also provides a secondary benefit of initiating new collagen production, which tightens the skin across the treatment areas.

The key to truSculpt iD is its comprehensive handpiece options. This system offers six hands-free handpieces, one hand-held handpiece, and one handpiece designed specifically for smaller areas. This provides great versatility.

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How does truSculpt iD work?

At Woodlands OBGYN, we can activate multiple truSculpt iD handpieces to treat larger areas simultaneously. Plus, we can place the handpieces where they are needed the most, diminishing fat pockets in the bulky areas. The varied handpieces really give us more flexibility with truSculpt iD. We can customize each treatment to the individual patient’s needs, applying larger and smaller handpieces as needed to target precise areas.

The truSculpt iD handpieces deliver low-frequency, high-conductivity RF energy deep into the skin. This energy can impact the entire fat layer down to muscle, while keeping the skin surface temperature comfortable. The RF energy converts to heat when it enters the dermis and fat layers of the skin, and this heat makes the fat cell walls burst. Over the next few weeks, the body flushes these dead cells from the body as it does with any waste products. truSculpt iD destroys up to 24 percent of the fat cells in the treatment area.

The FDA has approved truSculpt iD for body contouring on the abdomen and the flanks. We assume additional areas will continually be added.

How is truSculpt iD a better method than traditional contouring procedures?

truSculpt iD is completely noninvasive. No incisions. No tissue trauma. No blood loss. These are all involved with traditional liposuction, where the cannula is inserted through a small incision and is then moved back and forth relatively violently beneath the skin to break up the fat cells and then suction them away.

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Because truSculpt iD doesn’t create any incisions there isn’t recovery time. The handpieces rest atop the skin, directing the RF energy downward. This doesn’t create any tissue trauma. After the RF energy destroys the fat cells in the treatment areas, your body gets down to the business of disposing of the destroyed cells, but you can get right back to your normal lifestyle immediately.

How does truSculpt iD compare with CoolSculpting?

truSculpt iD and truSculpt 3D are often compared to CoolSculpting, the non-invasive body contouring procedure that freezes fat cells. Both procedures deliver a similar degree of fat reduction.

CoolSculpting uses controlled freezing to kill the fat cells, while truSculpt iD uses radiofrequency energy. The cooling sensation can be quite strong with CoolSculpting as the freezing temperatures are delivered into the target tissue. This lasts a few minutes before the area becomes numb. With truSculpt iD’s RF energy, the feeling of the procedure is more like a hot stone massage, so patients feel it is more comfortable.

Compared with CoolSculpting, truSculpt iD also makes for much quicker treatments. A truSculpt iD treatment takes as little at 15 minutes, compared with 60-90 minute durations for most CoolSculpting sessions.

Finally, the variety of handpieces available with truSculpt iD gives us much more versatility in treatment areas when compared to the large panels used with CoolSculpting.

How long will my truSculpt iD results last?

This is permanent fat reduction, up to 24 percent in the treatment areas. Once the fat cells are destroyed by truSculpt iD’s RF energy the body simply flushes them from the body as with other waste products.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for a truSculpt iD treatment?

No preparation is necessary.

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When will I see results from truSculpt iD?

As you would assume, your results aren’t immediate. truSculpt iD’s RF energy destroys the fat cells across the treatment areas, but it takes some time for the body to remove the cells. The RF energy creates some initial skin tightening, due to immediate collagen remodeling. But your real results will begin to show themselves in about six weeks, as fat cells are removed. Plus, the body will be building new collagen for the area. Your results will be seen after the first treatment, but optimal results will be seen after two or more treatments. Your overall results will continue to improve for four months.

How long does a truSculpt iD session take?

Unlike some body contouring procedures, truSculpt iD is very fast — treating a single area takes just 15 minutes. Your session length depends on how many areas you are treating. With the six hands-free handpieces that are a part of truSculpt iD, we can now treat your entire abdomen in just 15 minutes!

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