Laser Skin Renewal & Its Benefits

What is C02 laser skin renewal, besides being the latest greatest trend in cosmetic procedures? As a form of skin resurfacing, laser skin renewal is a non-invasive procedure coveted by some men, and lots of women, usually over the age of 40, who want to renew the youthful, wrinkle-free, and even-toned skin they once had. Effectiveness varies, but it is considered a safe procedure. Here’s your opportunity to learn about C02 laser skin renewal and why consumers are making the switch from surgery to technology.

Laser Skin Renewal

Your skin, under a microscope, gradually gets darker with age due to lifestyle, heredity, and environmental effects. If doctors could compare a sample of skin tissue from your 30th birthday with your 50th, you would see a slight difference in color and tone. While tissue health is generally good among healthy individuals who don’t smoke, drink moderately, and maintain a healthy diet, even if you drink lots of water, and take the best care of yourself, there’s no way to escape the dulling effects of age, and the development of age spots on the skin that comes with it.

With C02 laser skin renewal treatment, tiny lasers packed with energy are used to treat problems deep under the skin surface. The laser beams force energy deep into the tissue, and demolish old tissue; consequently, rejuvenating and tightening skin cells, while fostering the growth of new collagen beneath the skin, and restoring skin’s luster and flexibility. This is the ultimate goal of the CO2 treatment. Our body’s cells are designed to nourish and replenish our skin naturally; however, these properties slow down, and eventually stop behaving as effectively as they once did, after about 40 years of age. Laser skin renewal temporarily helps prompt skin cells to resume these functional properties.

Why Is Laser Skin Renewal a Big Deal?

Many people want to look their best, and for some people, aging can have a tremendous effect on their appearance and self-confidence. For those who are up to the challenge of fighting against the signs of aging, for those who hold careers where appearances matter, and for people seeking companionship and want to maintain their youthful appearance, CO2 treatments can minimize the look of various skin conditions due to hyper-pigmentation, wrinkles, and sagging skin. That’s why it’s such a big deal. Laser skin renewal is ultimately a great solution to many of these problems and concerns. Click Here for a New You!

C02 Laser Skin Renewal Treatment

The C02 method is a form of laser skin resurfacing where lasers provide tiny blasts to invigorate cells and get collagen to work again. That’s the stuff that creates soft, flexible skin, and causes wrinkles to disappear as the skin slightly firms up. C02 laser skin renewal goes deeper than exfoliation without needles. The procedure takes anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the severity of damage. In some cases, multiple sessions are needed to get the best results. The procedure isn’t painful as an application of anesthetic is applied over the skin, and patches are used to cover the eyes.

Types of Damage Treated

Laser skin renewal treatment provides aesthetic relief from things like wrinkles, multiple fine lines, sun damage, age spots, and scarring. Fortunately, for those whose facial appearance leaves them feeling uncomfortable with going out in public, or forced to wear a lot of makeup to cover up wrinkles and blemishes, can now achieve newly youthful, healthy-looking, and more even-toned skin inexpensively, and without having to wait long for results.

Results of Skin Resurfacing

Though laser skin renewal is not permanent, most patients notice immediate change. Within days of the procedure, their skin is already looking better. Days and weeks later, improvement continues and results are better. Results last a good while before another treatment is required. In cases where patients are treated for acne scars, they might need only the first or initial series of treatments, and nothing more- unless they choose to come back to treat later signs of aging as they appear.

Recovery Time

How long should a client expect to feel tender and look swollen? Again, this depends on the individual; but, within 48 hours, patients can expect to be back to their normal routine but with clearer skin. The use of sun screen is highly recommended, even if it’s autumn or winter. Expect a much faster recovery from laser skin renewal than would be the case if you went through a laser peel or plastic surgery. However, to ensure best results, your doctor will also suggest following all after-care recommendations- such as, staying out of direct sunlight for the 1st few days, or not applying makeup on the face until it heals.

Benefits of C02 Laser Skin Renewal

Skin renewal or skin resurfacing treatments best benefit those who want to look as good as they feel, regardless of age or profession. If you look in the mirror and see an uneven complexion, with lots of hyper-pigmentation, blotchy skin, and wrinkles, you can certainly do something about it. Compared to laser peel and plastic surgery, the primary benefits of laser skin renewal are that the procedure is much more affordable, and patients see much faster results due to shorter recovery times. Moreover, there are other significant benefits, as laser skin renewal is not just for the facial area. Women use it to reduce stretch marks when they finish having babies and want skin to look like it used to. It’s also a popular way to lighten under-eye dark circles, and treat skin around the hands if they’ve become blotchy or wrinkled.

While results are the major benefit, technicians and doctors also point out to patients that the procedure is completely non-invasive, and they are not subjected to scalpels or sharp objects of any kind. As a result, they are far less likely to suffer post-procedural pain, or at least, significantly less pain is involved during recovery. Moreover, this means less risk of infection as well. Though there is always some risk when it comes to firing lasers into a person’s skin, under the care of a trained professional, these risks are extremely minimal. To to schedule your treatment, contact Woodlands OBGYN Associates today!

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