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Personal care for more than anatomy and physiology

In the care of women, Woodlands OBGYN Associates is unique in that we offer personal care for more than anatomy and physiology. Our available services include aesthetic care as well. A woman is beautiful from the inside out. A healthy woman is even lovelier as her appearance reflects this. Caring for the female body includes achieving and maintaining the proper weight; but, also includes care for your skin.

Tattoos may not hold the same aesthetic values as they once did to you; and, they may not be as little of a health risk as you once thought. Woodlands OBGYN Associates cares for all aspects of a woman’s health and offers the best in tattoo removal with the PicoSure laser removal technology. We are one of only 40 groups in the entire nation that can offer this.

A woman’s skin is affected by overall health, hormones, hydration, and environment among other things. We have the means and ability to help – to change skin appearance by affecting skin below the surface with the SmartSkin CO2 Laser Skin Renewal System.

Living in a home with a smoker will change the appearance of the skin.A smoker has even more reason to seek assistance in skin care because of the tiny lines around the mouth that form as a result of the act of smoking over a number of years.

Tanning is another no-no. It is a choice many people make to purposefully expose the skin to the sun in hopes of developing a “healthy” glow. Sun damage is one of the top reasons women seek aesthetic treatment.

Healthier, conservative choices begin with diet and hydration along with skin care products which are physician recommended.