Addressing Vaginal Dryness for World Menopause Day

Dealing with menopausal symptoms is challenging for a number of women. These symptoms include weight gain, mood swings, night sweats, sleep disturbances, dreadful hot flashes, memory changes, and even vaginal dryness.

National Menopause Awareness Month is commemorated in September, while World Menopause Day is celebrated in October. Both were created to bring awareness to menopause and to help women, as well as their families, become more cognizant of their uniqueness. For example, some women experience more severe symptoms, while others will have very little or none at all. In any instance, it’s helpful to understand the physical, mental, and emotional changes that women face during this stage of their life. Moreover, it’s important to know that each woman experiences these changes differently.

During the various awareness events, education programs are used to stamp out misinformation about menopause. Focus is also placed on informing women about the facts and options available to control symptoms. In addition, women learn the best ways to manage their symptoms, while also learning the latest research on treatments using hormones, nutrition, supplements, and alternative therapies. At Woodlands OBGYN Associates we take pride in staying current with these treatments and offering a wide variety of options.

Next to hot flashes, vaginal dryness, also known as vaginal atrophy, is the second most common complaint. This condition occurs when the vaginal tissue thins and loses its flexibility due to changing or lowered estrogen levels. It is particularly common among older women, but could happen at any age depending on certain health conditions and medical treatments. Vaginal dryness can cause discomfort and pain, especially during sexual intercourse. Other symptoms include vaginal itching, soreness, burning, mild vaginal discharge, and light bleeding after sex.

Treatment options for this condition can vary greatly; and there is no “one treatment fits all” option for every woman. Multiple options are available to treat vaginal dryness depending on your particular symptoms. In addition to other treatment options, Woodlands OBGYN Associates also offers the MonaLisa Touch®®. This FDA approved, safe, and virtually painless treatment option, uses laser energy as a means of revitalizing the vaginal cells to help treat vaginal dryness.

The MonaLisa Touch®® works to stimulate collagen and vascular growth within the vaginal wall to promote cell regeneration and the production of natural vaginal lubricants. Resulting in thicker tissue, improved flexibility, and moisture; and patients ultimately experience less cracking, burning and dryness during intercourse and daily activities.

For more information and treatment options, call us at (281) 364-9898 to schedule an appointment. Whether you’re dealing with pre-menopause, peri-menopause, or you have reached menopause, you don’t have to suffer with vaginal dryness or any other feminine associated discomforts. We are here to help!

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