Are You a Candidate for the MonaLisa Touch®?

The MonaLisa Touch The MonaLisa Touch® is an FDA-approved procedure designed to alleviate the discomforts associated with vaginal dryness. Such discomforts can result from menopause, surviving breast cancer, or having a hysterectomy.

While many women still feel taboo about discussing this subject, it’s very common.

In fact, around 17% of women between the ages of 18-50 report problems with vaginal dryness during sex, even before menopause, according to the Cleveland Clinic, and over half of women experience vaginal dryness after menopause.

At Woodlands OBGYN Associates, we use the MonaLisa Touch to help women suffering from this problem. The procedure uses laser energy to stimulate collagen and vascular growth, revitalizing vaginal cells and enhancing moisture, flexibility, and tissue thickness.

Common Candidates for the Procedure 

The MonaLisa Touch procedure is primarily designed for women who experience issues related to vaginal health.

If you’re experiencing discomforts such as dryness, burning, and cracking during daily activities or sexual intercourse, you could be a potential candidate for this procedure. This treatment is particularly beneficial for women who cannot — or choose not — to take hormones, offering an alternative approach that doesn’t involve medication.

What to Expect After the Procedure

Patients often report the MonaLisa Touch as virtually painless, describing the feeling as no more than a soft vibration. The procedure is quick, with each of the three treatments requiring less than 10 minutes and spaced at six-week intervals.

Recovery is minimal, with most patients advised to refrain from sexual activity for only two to three days after the procedure. The majority of patients at Woodlands OBGYN Associates have noticed an improvement after the first treatment, though the complete process generally spans 18 weeks.

Don’t Hesitate to Talk With Our Compassionate Team

Are you dealing with vaginal discomfort or feminine dryness, or finding intimacy painful? If so, you don’t have to face the problem alone.

We recommend a private discussion with the seasoned and reliable doctors at Woodlands OBGYN Associates. This conversation serves as an excellent way to get more information and determine if the MonaLisa Touch can help.

Schedule a Consultation With Woodlands OBGYN Associates

Choosing to address your discomforts isn’t easy. It’s a brave and significant step toward improving your sexual health and overall well-being. To gain further insights about the MonaLisa Touch, get in touch with our Houston-area office at (281) 364-9898 to schedule your appointment.

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