A better model for predicting weight loss?

Everyone searches for the quickest method to loss weight, unfortunately many of these provoke a metabolic deceleration. A slower metabolism means the amount of calories burned daily is reduced.  Finding the right balance between a good diet and body functions can have a better and lasting outcome then those quick weight loss plans.

“Kevin Hall and colleagues just published a paper in the Lancet — part of the journal’s obesity series — that provides an alternative model. It’s based on data from controlled feeding studies and captures that metabolic slowdown as well as other effects, such as the fact that the same amount and intensity of exercise will burn off fewer calories as a person loses weight. It predicts that for a typical overweight adult, every reduction of 10 calories per day will lead to a weight loss not of about a pound a year, but only about half a pound. The next half-pound will take about two more years to lose. Cutting 250 calories a day produces a weight loss of about 25 pounds in three years. (Exact weight loss will vary by individual, depending on age, sex, weight and other factors.)”

(H/T  WSJ)

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