How Bradley Classes Help For Childbirth

If you are seeking a great OBGYN The Woodlands offers some of the very best. Delivering high quality care for their patients, the team of OBGYN professionals The Woodlands offers makes the process of pregnancy, labor and delivery a joyful time and helps families make the best decisions for their unique needs. One way to do this is by recommending important classes, such as Bradley Classes, for pregnant women.

What Are Bradley Classes?

It is a systematic approach using natural labor techniques to enable a woman and her coach to play an active role in natural child birthing. Using methods to teach women how to tune into their body to deal with the stresses of labor through increased self awareness, the Bradley Method encourages exercise, nutrition, education, relaxation and natural breathing techniques to aid in the process of natural childbirth.

What Makes Bradley Classes Different From Others?

The Bradley Method teaches women and their partners how to stay healthy and low risk to help avoid complications. Based on the belief that low risk mothers have more choices, the Bradley Method seeks to educate women and their partners on ways to stay low risk.

The Bradley Method also views relaxation as the best way to reduce pain and handle pain involved in labor and delivery. Rather than focusing on controlling sensations of labor the way many other methods do, the Bradley Method encourages mothers to listen to their bodies and trust themselves by emphasizing relaxation techniques.

The Bradley Method is a trademarked method. This insures each Bradley coach is highly trained and capable of helping you learn how to give child birth naturally.

When Should I Start Taking Bradley Classes?

The fifth month is usually the recommended time to begin a series of classes.

How Long Are The Classes?

It is a twelve week series designed to enable the coach and the mother to prepare for the birth of their child and learn the necessary techniques. During the series, women and their coaches will learn important techniques and gain invaluable information that will prepare them for labor and delivery and beyond.

Is There Anything I Can Do To Prepare Myself Before Classes?

At home reading is a great way to prepare for classes. There are many books available in bookstores, online and in local libraries that deal with pregnancy and natural childbirth. Dr. Robert A. Bradley wrote Husband Coached Childbirth and that book is a wonderful way to gain insight and get a through introduction to the Bradley Method of natural childbirth.

Each family is unique and every delivery is special. Recognizing this is why offering a variety of classes and delivery options is important. For many pregnant women, Bradley classes are the right choice and offer a natural, safe approach to childbirth. If you are interested in learning more or signing up for Bradley classes, one of the wonderful OBGYN professionals in The Woodlands are a great resource available to you. Call or visit us today to get more information.

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