Change Your Life With Medi-WeightLoss

Medi-WeightLoss Clinic. This is not a short-term solution. This is for life. Medi-WeightLoss has been instrumental in guiding people for years in recognizing their potential and realizing their future. The Woodlands OBGYN Associates Medi-WeightLoss program has the proper plan of nutrition for women. The program provides a scientific approach to losing weight and staying healthy, while offering you a sustainable strategy for life.

How to Begin:

You’ll start by taking a body composition assessment. This evaluation will determine a comparison of your weight, skeletal muscles, percentage of body fat, the overall equity of water (to check for swelling or dehydration), and your comprehensive muscle growth. The Signature Patient Website supplies you with recipes and activities for healthy weight loss and maintaining muscle mass.

Supportive Staff:

Personal nutritional counseling, support, and guidance is important while you travel through your weight loss journey and transformation. After your weight loss, we’ll work with you so that you embrace the “new you,” and have the tools necessary to maintain a healthy weight. The understanding and guidance of a professional advocate will help you stay fit, feel good, and is reassuring that you are right on track.

Learn to Eat Well:

The Medi-WeightLoss program is proven to guide you in finding healthful, tasty food you need to maximize your weight loss results. Meals should be balanced with the right amount of fiber, protein, and the vitamins and minerals your body requires to stay energetic, satisfied, and well. A nutritional plan will be prepared especially for you and your particular situation. If you are a new mom, a diabetic, vegetarian or have any other special need, Medi-WeightLoss will design a plan just for you. Along with Signature Supplements that aid in satiety (the feeling of staying full) as well as to insure that your nutrient levels are optimized, you’ll find it much easier to stay on track.


Participants in the program report that it is easy to feel content while changing their eating habits with Medi-WeightLoss. They also report that they do not feel deprived, which allows participants to enhance weight loss even further. Change is never easy for any of us. First, you have to want to change. Second, it must be your inclination to lose weight because no one can do that for you. We offer you the tools for success, but it is for you to decide if you want to continue the path you are on. If you are ready to choose a new way — a better way to lose the excess weight that has been holding you back — Medi-WeightLoss is for you. It’s an investment in your future. At Woodlands OBGYN, we only promote safe, proven weight loss plans to help you lose weight, maintain your muscle mass, which allows you to burn more calories, and to stay well. The Medi-WeightLoss program is different from other diets or exercise programs you may have tried. The Medi-WeightLoss program will not only teach you how to eat better, but you will learn how to keep the weight off. For life. The plan is easy to follow and the support is there for you on a long-term, on-going basis. Contact Woodlands OBGYN Associates today to learn more about how we can facilitate your start in the Medi-WeightLoss program. We know you’ll be glad you did!]]>

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