The DaVinci Robot: Myomectomy Meets A Modern Marvel

myomectomy davinci robot

Women who experience excessive bleeding or pain in the uterus should seek medical attention right away. These symptoms may be indicative of uterine fibroids. They are non-cancerous growths that often appear in young women but can emerge at any age. Effects range from mild discomfort to the prevention of pregnancy.

Is Removal Necessary?

Tiny fibroids may be left alone if they do not interfere with daily activities. If they become burdensome or grow too large, doctors may suggest their removal which is called myomectomy. This type of surgery focuses on the extraction of fibroids and leaves the uterus intact. It is unlike hysterectomy which calls for the removal of the entire organ. Those who are planning to conceive or prefer to retain their uterus should choose the former over the latter.

What are the Surgical Options Available?

There are a number of ways to complete the extractions including laparotomy and laparoscopy. Laparotomy calls for a long abdominal incision that will allow doctors to reach into the uterus, make the necessary incisions, and collect the fibroids. Recovery can take up to two months. Laparoscopy is less invasive as only a small incision needs to be made. A rigid rod with a miniature camera is then inserted through the hole to help the doctor visualize the interior and perform the surgery. Recovery is faster due the reduced impact on the body.

What is the daVinci Robot and How Can It Help?

The traditional methods described above can be useful but they have their drawbacks. For instance, laparotomy creates severe trauma to the body and the prescribed recovery period may be unacceptable to working women. Laparoscopy is less traumatic thanks to its minimally invasive approach but even this has its limits in reaching fibroids and reducing cuts.

The daVinci Robot was created to fill the gaps which are inevitable with hands-on surgery. It is a system that is fully controlled through a console by the surgeon who is usually in the same room as the patient. In other words, it is not an autonomous system. It is an advanced tool that amplifies the skills of a highly trained doctor by providing 3D high definition images in real-time and robotic arms that move with incredible dexterity. Surgeries performed using the daVinci system results in fewer incisions and greater efficiency due to enhanced precision.

Is It Safe?

The purpose of the daVinci Robot is to improve upon laparoscopy and other forms of surgery so that patients can feel safer and have a faster recovery. The FDA has approved its use in urologic surgeries as early as the year 2000 after having been convinced of its potential in the operating room. Since then it has also been used successfully in performing prostatectomy, gastric bypass, thyroidectomy, cardiac tissue ablation, and many other procedures.

This modern surgical system has the capacity to help doctors make better decisions and execute them with greater proficiency than before. By reducing the impact of procedures, blood loss and physical pain are minimized. Patients can bounce back faster and enjoy their favorite activities once again.

Here at The Woodlands OBGYN Associates, our doctors have experience using the daVinci Robot for many surgical needs. Contact us today with any questions you may have!

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