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Women have many factors to consider when locating an OBGYN, however, many will find that when looking for an OBGYN The Woodlands has some great practices that will relieve several of their concerns. One such concern may be the OBGYN facility’s experience and ability to treat fertility disorders. Concerns such as ovulation disorders, fallopian tube damage, uterine/cervical inconsistencies, endometriosis, early menopause, and pelvic adhesions are a few of the most common infertility causes and understanding treatment methods is important, so the right OBGYN should be chosen to treat these conditions.

There are several ways to treat these conditions in women, some designed for the couple together, and some specifically for the female body. For women, a common first treatment option is the use of fertility enhancing drugs. This option is most common for women suffering from ovulation disorders, as well as early menopause. These drugs help restore a normal menstrual cycle, which will regulate ovulation. Surgery to restore problems is common for women with pelvic adhesions or uterine inconsistencies. With an experienced doctor a high success rate is quite possible. Intrauterine insemination is another option to increase fertility in women, which places the sperm in the uterus, giving them a higher chance of fertilization in the presence of an egg released by the ovaries.

Experienced OBGYN professionals can also explore other, more complex, solutions; using assisted reproductive technology doctors can handle both the sperm and the egg in a laboratory setting to help ensure success. In vitro fertilization is a procedure becoming more and more common, which consists of mixing an egg and sperm on a dish in the lab before implanting them in the uterus three to five days later. Other options include assisted hatching, and the injection of sperm directly into the egg.

More time-tested solutions include donor eggs or sperm, which can become an option if there are significant problems with either the eggs or the sperm. Having an OBGYN who is knowledgeable about this process and can aide in finding suitable donors is important, as this is a particularly expensive and time-consuming option. Another well-known option for females with fertility problems is to locate a surrogate mother, who can carry the embryo until birth. This process is similar to finding a donor in complexity and can be even more expensive than donor pregnancies.

A good OBGYN also knows when to refer a woman to a different practitioner for her infertility needs. These needs can include women with thyroid problems, cancer, and those taking certain medications, all of which can affect fertility. Here practitioners will work together to bridge their fields to ensure competent treatment and care to resolve other health issues that can affect fertility.

Because having a child is such an important milestone in any woman’s life, it is important to find an OBGYN who creates a comfortable environment and instills a feeling of trust and security in their patients. To create this trust the OBGYN must be knowledgeable, compassionate, and very experienced. At an OBGYN The Woodlands patients can rest assured they are in good hands for all of their obstetrics and gynecology needs.

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