How Laser Skin Resurfacing Works

Virtually everyone desires a youthful, healthy-looking complexion. However, the signs of aging often detract from a person’s natural beauty; thus creating the demand for simple but effective procedures that can help individuals retain that youthful glow. One such procedure is laser skin resurfacing, and the following are some essential facts about this type of cosmetic treatment.

Laser skin resurfacing is a type of cosmetic skin care therapy that can help clients acquire and maintain a younger looking, more radiant complexion. The procedure is completed through the use of fractional laser technology to address and prevent aging signs. The objective of the treatment is an enhanced skin tone, more even complexion, and decreased signs of aging.


There are two kinds of lasers used during the procedure: non-ablative and ablative. The latter removes the skin’s surface by essentially burning the epidermal layer away, thereby exposing the next layer, which is referred to as the dermis. Human skin responds to this procedure by producing more collagen to heal the areas treated by the laser. This in turn generates new skin that is stronger, and in most cases, more youthful looking than the old layer of skin.

Non-ablative lasers are somewhat different, as they specifically focus on skin layers underneath the superficial level. Laser wavelengths are utilized to target those areas without damaging the epidermal layer as is the case with ablative laser. When the procedure is complete, clearer, younger looking skin emerges.


Because the ultimate result of the therapy is similar, regardless of whether one chooses ablative or non-ablative treatments, the type selected is usually a matter of personal preference, budget, and other considerations as discussed with one’s doctor prior to the procedure. Those who feel they may benefit from laser skin resurfacing should speak to a qualified practitioner to discuss their options. Contact us at the Woodlands OBGYN Associates today!

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