How to prepare for childbirth

Pregnant woman packing for hospital and taking notes When you’ve reached the final weeks of your pregnancy, you know that the time is near! You’re going to be a parent, and this new journey will be fulfilling and rewarding. However, maybe you’re worried about the actual delivery of your child and how it will happen. At Woodlands OBGYN Associates of The Woodlands, TX, we know how exciting—and confusing—this time can be. This is why we are here to provide recommendations for preparing for childbirth.

Below are a few tips from our doctors about what to do as you get closer to your expected due date:

  • Know the signs of labor, including the beginning of contractions or if your water breaks
  • Call the doctor if you are near your due date and begin to experience vaginal bleeding
  • Work with your doctor to develop a birth plan, which dictates what will happen in the delivery room
  • Ask your doctor about performing certain genetic testing or other diagnostics to evaluate the health of the baby before it is born. This allows time to prepare for any additional needs your child may need upon birth.
  • Discuss what to expect with a cesarean section or other emergency procedure that may need to be done during labor
  • Ask the team about cord blood banking
  • Once labor starts, avoid solid foods. This is done in the event general anesthetics need to be used in an emergency situation. You can drink liquids or chew on ice cubes until birth.
  • Stay calm, and listen to the recommendations of the nurses and doctors at the hospital during your delivery.
  • If you plan on having your birth videotaped, make arrangements beforehand to ensure it is allowed by the hospital where you will be delivering your baby.

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