Condoms & STDs – What You Don’t Know

You do not want to take risks with your health, and you certainly do not want to take risks with your life. There are some important reasons you should think about your sexual habits and your use of condoms. While some people believe condoms are 100% effective against STDs, this belief is not true at all.

First, there are some sexually transmitted diseases for which condoms provide little to no protection. One example is genital herpes. If a person has genital herpes, a condom may not cover all of the lesions. In addition, there can be fluid from the lesions that you do not even notice. Whether the infected partner is male or female, you cannot count on condoms to protect you from this sexually transmitted disease.

Second, there are a number of reasons condoms are not always effective. One reason is the use of lubricants. Some lubricants can harm condoms and make them completely useless.

Another reason is not using condoms correctly. Inexperienced young people, and even older people who are not careful, may not put a condom on properly, or may not exercise caution when taking it off. Either of these habits can cause an STD to be transmitted to the partner.

Another reason a condom may not protect against an STD is a defect in the product. Even the most conscientious manufacturer cannot guarantee that every condom they produce and sell is perfect. Similar to the risk of becoming pregnant while using a condom, you must also consider the possibility that a defective condom can spread sexually transmitted diseases.

At its best, all a condom can do is reduce your risk of contracting or spreading an STD. If you are already infected with a sexually transmitted disease, or you want to reduce your chance of contracting one, you can turn to an OBGYN The Woodlands patients have always counted on for advice.

STDs are not minor conditions that are easy to cure. There are some STDs that are not curable. Even STDs that can be treated are difficult to cope with, embarrassing, and can pose risks to your health.

The wisest approach is to discuss your sexual habits with an OBGYN. You can learn about steps to take that can protect your own health and the health of your partner. If you have been taking unnecessary risks, now is the time to assess your lifestyle and think about making healthy changes.

Unprotected sex can have devastating consequences, but relying solely on condoms is not the solution. You can have a healthier life ahead by speaking to the best OBGYN The Woodlands has to offer. A sensible approach to your sex life can protect you in ways that condoms cannot.

You want good health, happiness, and a satisfying sex life. The fear of a sexually transmitted disease does not have to take all of this away from you. When you are armed with the facts about STDs and condoms, you can find a solution that works for you. The Woodlands OBGYN Associates is always ready to help. Call us today.

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