The Mental Aspect of a Hysterectomy

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The uterus is closely linked to a woman’s fertility and femininity in many cultures. Its removal, therefore, cannot be viewed as a simple physical process. There are mental and emotional complications that can arise as a result of hysterectomies. These affect not only the patient but the entire family as well. With hundreds of thousands of these surgeries being performed every year, it is important to start considering this side of the matter seriously.

How Hysterectomy Can Affect the Brain

The majority of patients scheduled for surgery exhibit different levels of anxiety. Some fear how painful it might feel, while others worry about what the future holds for them. Women who have undergone the procedure can return to normal after weeks of recovery. However, it is not uncommon for people to suffer from acute hormonal imbalance and feel lingering pain around the area.

These physical issues can translate into mental anguish. Patients may harbor feelings of inadequacy, slip into severe depression, exhibit personality change, or find their sexual drive vastly reduced. Hormone therapy and other treatments can correct some of the issues.

The Importance of Information and Counseling for the Entire Family

Hysterectomy is a major operation that should be viewed as the last resort. Most conditions that used to require a full removal of the uterus can now be resolved with less radical surgeries. Uterine fibroids, for instance, may be extracted piece by piece via myomectomy.

Women should be provided with all of the options available along with the pros and cons so that they can make an informed choice. The family should be actively involved before, during, and after the surgery as patients need all the support they can get. Patience and understanding from loved ones are crucial for a full recovery.

The daVinci Robot as a Surgical Tool

Robotic surgery is one such option. The daVinci robot is FDA-approved for use in hysterectomies. Over the last decade, it has emerged as the preferred method for a significant number of patients and doctors alike. It provides surgeons with the ability to perform their work with fewer incisions, greater dexterity, higher accuracy, and superior visual clarity. The system is comprised of a console and a set of advanced robotic arms. The surgeon controls the arms for precise movements and rapid completion.

Potential Benefits of Robotic Surgeries

Traditional open surgery calls for a large incision near the bottom of the abdomen to allow access to the reproductive organs. On the other hand, the daVinci robot requires a much smaller incision through the belly button wherein state of the art instruments can be readily inserted to facilitate the operation. The obvious advantages include minimal scarring, lesser blood loss, faster recovery, fewer complications, and abbreviated hospital stay.

Hysterectomies are traumatic on the body but the daVinci robot can considerably reduce the impact through a cleaner surgery. Patients can go back to the comfort of their own home in a matter of days instead of weeks where their family and friends can better assist in their recovery.

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