MonaLisa Touch® Laser

High-Tech Cure for Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness is an uncomfortable and sometimes painful condition that affects many women. The condition can occur because of vaginal atrophy; a condition often caused by hormone changes associated with menopause, but may also occur in women who experience decreased estrogen levels from cancer, breastfeeding, yeast infections, or even from taking certain medications. Atrophy and dryness are characterized by a thinning, drying, and inflammation of the vaginal wall. The main problem with dryness is that it can result in pain during intercourse, constant discomfort, and pain during urination. Fortunately, a solution is available. The MonaLisa Touch® Laser is an FDA Approved, high-tech device that can assist women with uncomfortable dryness and bring a cure to vaginal atrophy.

What Is the MonaLisa Touch® Laser?

The MonaLisa Touch® Laser is a small vaginal rejuvenating gadget that specialist can use to treat women who have life-hindering cases of atrophy and dryness. It’s quickly becoming a welcoming treatment alternative to common feminine creams, or to taking prescriptions. Moreover, it’s painless, boasts immediate results, and is claimed to be a very low-risk procedure. The touch laser can provide treatment of some of the most common conditions that women suffer from; such as, vaginal atrophy or laxity, burning, itching, and dyspareunia. The laser is more than 70 percent effective in reversing all of those conditions, according to studies that the manufacturer has conducted.

How Does the MonaLisa Work?

The MonaLisa treatment typically takes less than 5 minutes total per session. For optimal results, most women may have 3 initial treatment sessions over a 12-16 week period, and then return after 12 months. During a session, small dot laser-beam light is emitted into the vaginal wall to break up the skin cells and encourage elastin and collagen production; which in turn, also increases moisture and rejuvenation. The procedure does not require an anesthetic, or any painkillers and antibiotics afterwards; and recovery usually takes only three to five days. Specialists state that the procedure is not painful, and that patients feel only a slight vibration. Women who have experienced the treatment claim that they have less burning, itching and vaginal dryness, and are very happy with their results.

Interested women should also know that the procedure may not be for everyone; and most insurance carriers do not cover treatment expenses. Woodlands OBGYN Associates specialists provide women with an initial pelvic exam to determine if the procedure is suitable for them, and will offer alternative treatments if a woman is not a good fit for the therapy.

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