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Woodlands child birth

We are excited that all our patients will deliver at Houston Methodist The Woodlands. This is an outstanding facility that provides exceptional nursing, anesthesia and neonatal care for you and your infant. We consider it an extension of our office and of the obstetrical services we provide.

The phone number for labor and delivery at Houston Methodist The Woodlands is 936-270-2796. If you need to speak with us at any time, please call our office at 281-364-9898. If you call during office hours, please ask to speak directly to a nurse, or you can leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Who will delivery my baby?

We recognize what a special time the birth of your baby is, and we feel privileged to share this experience with you. If we should not be available when you are in labor due to illness, vacation, family emergencies or other commitments, one of our associates will be there for you.

All the physicians who may attend your delivery are superbly trained and are board-certified. In addition, they provide a warm, caring and compassionate approach to childbirth and we are confident that you will receive the highest quality of care.

Do I have to register at the hospital?

YES — you can register any time after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Please go to: houstonmethodist.org/childbirth and you will be prompted to register for delivery. At some point, after you complete the online registration, you will need to go to Methodist and sign forms to complete your registration process.

Are there any “getting ready for childbirth classes” I should take?

There are a number of classes designed to instruct you on what to expect during labor and delivery. Many are offered through the hospital and include classes about pregnancy, delivery techniques, cesarean delivery, fitness and well-being during pregnancy, breastfeeding, CPR and first aid, and baby care. Detailed information about these classes are available online at the hospital website. These classes are optional and it is not required that you take any classes prior to childbirth.

When should I go to the hospital?

If you are 36 weeks or more in your pregnancy, you should go to the hospital if:

  1. You are experiencing regular contractions that occur every 5 minutes, the contractions are accompanied by pain, they last 60 or more seconds and they have been going on for at least one hour.
  2. You think you are leaking amniotic fluid. Most women experience what they describe to be a large gush of fluid. If you experience this, even if you are not experiencing contractions, you should go to the hospital.
  3. You have bleeding similar to your menses. Spotting or brown discharge may be considered normal.
  4. You are not feeling the baby move as normally.
  5. You are experiencing anything that is concerning to you and it is not resolving.

If you are not yet 36 weeks along in pregnancy, you should go to the hospital if:

  1. You have six or more contractions in an hour that are not alleviated when you rest and hydrate.
  2. You have bleeding of any kind.
  3. You think you are leaking amniotic fluid.
  4. You are experiencing anything that is concerning to you and is not resolving.

If you are bleeding, contracting, or believe you are in labor, please go directly to labor and delivery at the hospital. You do not need to call us. The hospital will contact us after you have been evaluated.