Laser Skin Renewal

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At Woodlands OBGYN, we’re offering SmartSkin™ CO2 Laser Skin Renewal – one of most advanced option for aesthetic treatments. The SmartSkin™ CO2 Laser Skin Renewal system changes appearance because it affects the skin below the surface. The result is skin resurfacing and collagen rejuvenation, resulting in tighter and smoother skin.

Fighting Signs of Aging Skin the SMART Way

SmartSkin™ CO2 Laser Skin Renewal is new and approved technology which means that our patients are getting better and more focused treatment than ever before. In the medical field, new is almost always better when it comes to innovation.

SmartSkin™ CO2 Laser Skin Renewal treatments minimize treatment time with visible results seen in the first visit for most patients. Recovery time for these aesthetic procedures are only a few days rather than weeks when compared to a traditional face lift. There is no bruising, no incision line, and no sutures to worry about. The risks of surgery are gone as are the risks of anesthesia. Areas treated include face, neck, chest, and hands.

The SmartSkin™ CO2 Laser Skin Renewal system works by using light energy, focused, strengthened and naturally narrow, to stimulate tissue below skin level to produce more collagen. The full effects are seen 12 weeks after the treatment.


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Lift, Renew, & Restore Your Look!

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