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At Woodlands OBGYN Associates, our goal is always… ‘Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby’. We recommend childbirth and childcare classes to help fill in the gaps pertaining to subject matters that may be exceedingly interesting to you — especially as first-time parents. The wide range of events surrounding labor and deliver are discussed, as well as labor and delivery itself, and what to expect during normal (vaginal) or Cesarean deliveries.

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We deliver all of our patients at Houston Methodist the Woodlands-The Woodlands, TX. This amazing facility offers resources to families in the Prenatal and Family Education Department and The Motherhood Center offers a wide range of classes, including private education if a group environment is not quite your liking.

Many of the classes are offered right at Houston Methodist the Woodlands Hospital, as well as a few affiliated healthcare centers and clinics within the community. It’s best to contact the hospital for detailed information about availability and the registration process.

Contact us at 281.364.9898, freely visit the Methodist Hospital website for more information, or call 936-270-2000.

Though childbirth classes are not mandatory, it can be to your family’s advantage to participate. One of the most important aspects of the childbirth class is the education expected parents can receive regarding breathing and relaxation techniques during labor and natural childbirth. Classes are always taught by various professional licensed obstetric specialists, childbirth consultants, and nurse practitioners.

Another important benefit to participating in a childbirth class is receiving a birthing plan, which is discussed in class and sometimes during hospital tours. Birthing plans provide a clear understanding of the directives you wish to provide to your caregivers during your stay. The tour may also be an ideal time to ask about hospital policies, as you are being shown the labor and delivery areas.

The most informative birthing plan is simple, fact based, discussed with your Obstetrician, and taken with you to the hospital when it is time. The value of a birthing plan is that when you are busy being in labor, the decisions have mostly all been made in advance. It is extremely difficult to assimilate new information and make decisions during labor as you might imagine!

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We know! You’re super excited, nervous, and curious all at the same time! There’s much to learn, much to think about, and much to do. Take one thing at a time, and know that Woodlands OBGYN Associates is here for you.

Learn about preparing for childbirth, then give us a call if you need to schedule your next appointment or exam.

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