Slow or Stop Heavy Bleeding with NovaSure

At least 20 percent of women today have to fight with their bodies during the pre and perimenopause years just to feel healthy and strong… more like themselves again. Unfortunately, some of these same women come to dread having menstrual cycles because they are extremely painful, disruptive, and are accompanied with highly irregular heavy bleeding. And over time, it seems that their fight quickly becomes a downhill battle for these women who need immediate relief. However, there is good news; because today, women don’t have to suffer any longer with heavy bleeding. Hope is now found in an innovative treatment system called NovaSure endometrial ablation.

The NovaSure procedure ultimately helps stop or reduce menstrual cycles for women who suffer from heavy bleeding, or menorrhagia. For women who cannot, or do not prefer to, have a hysterectomy, use hormone replacement therapy, and are completely finished with having children, NovaSure is an answer to prayer.

How Does NovaSure Work?

During the brief one-time treatment phase, a small device is inserted into the uterus, and radiofrequency energy waves are then used to remove the uterine lining that causes the bleeding. After a few minutes of treatment, the device is removed from the uterus and the ablation procedure is complete. When ladies have heavy bleeding and cramping during menstruation, the uterine lining consistently contracts and sheds, therefore releasing an unusually heavy amount of blood. The NovaSure procedure stops the uterine lining from contracting and shedding, thus tremendously lessening or eliminating menstruation.

NovaSure has been proven to be a safe and effective procedure. Research studies show that periods dramatically stop or reduce in intensity for 90 percent of the women who undergo this procedure. Your gynecologist will take just about five minutes to perform this procedure, and it is a one-time non-reversal procedure that has been performed on more than two million women.

Changing Cycles

With the NovaSure treatment system, there is no need to suffer through abnormal uterine bleeding any longer, especially when you can experience permanent relief and get back to feeling like yourself again. Many women who experience heavy bleeding also experience a lot of disruptions in their normal social, professional, and physical life activities. This can further cause depression and anxiety in women who are already suffering in pain during menstruation. The NovaSure treatment changes problematic cycles, and can improve overall quality of life significantly; providing woman with the confidence and assurance that they need to live comfortably again.

Before undergoing this procedure, it is important to consult with the OB-GYN physicians at Woodlands OB-GYN Associates. Your gynecologist will review all of the treatment options that are currently available, help you weigh those options, ask you a few short questions, and examine your health history to see if NovaSure is the right procedure for you. You will also be happy to find that most health insurances can cover the NovaSure procedure, so be sure to check plan coverage and speak with your healthcare provider.

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