STD Testing: What Should You Expect?

STD test

If you’re reading this blog, it is likely because you suspect you have a sexually transmitted disease (STD). You should not feel embarrassed about the possibility of having an STD. However, the thought of getting tested for an STD may be anxiety-inducing. To reduce your stress levels, we’ll tell you what to expect from an STD test.

What Happens During an STD Test?

Depending on your symptoms, the doctor may want to conduct one or more of the following exams.

Physical Examination

The gynecologist may want to perform a physical examination of your pelvic area. This requires you to expose your vagina to the doctor. The doctor will look for sores, rashes, and other signs of an infection. You should be aware that a student trainee may ask to be present during the examination. However, you have the discretion to deny the student trainee entrance during your examination.

Also, if your gynecologist is someone of the opposite sex, a second person will be present to oversee the integrity of the examination. If you are seen by someone of the same sex and feel uncomfortable, you can request to have another person be present or ask for a different doctor to examine you.

Blood Test

The gynecologist may need to study your blood, in which case, you’ll take a blood test. Nurses administer blood tests. The nurse will draw blood from a vein in your arm, usually at your cubital fossa (the opposite side of your elbow). This should only mildly hurt, but some people feel lightheaded after getting their blood drawn.

Urine Test

You will urinate into a cup. Typically, someone will give you a bottle of water to help you urinate. Otherwise, you may ask for water yourself.

Cheek Swab

The medical professional will move a cotton swab around the inside of your cheeks in circular motions. This test should neither hurt nor trigger your gag reflex.

Reliable STD Testing Services in Conroe, TX

For the sake of your health and your partner’s health, you should get tested for an STD if you’re feeling sick or having unprotected sex. Some STDs are only treatable–not curable. Other STDs can cause infertility and neurological disorders if they go untreated. Thus, you may want to visit an OBGYN’s office for more reliable STD testing services. Call 281-364-9898 to schedule an appointment with one of the professional gynecologists at Woodlands OBGYN Associates for more information.

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