What Is Pelvic Organ Prolapse?

At Woodlands OBGYN Associates, women in the area of The Woodlands, TX who are experiencing pelvic prolapse can get a proper diagnosis and discuss treatment options with our professionals. Our team is dedicated to helping women with their reproductive health concerns, as well as conditions that can occur in the pelvic area. With a diagnosis from our doctors, women can speak to a professional to determine the best course of action for treatment.

What is pelvic organ prolapse?

Pelvic organ prolapse is the dropping of the pelvic organs (such as the uterus, bladder, or rectum) into the vaginal canal and sometimes out of the vagina. This condition is caused by the loosening and weakening of the muscles and tissues that support these pelvic organs. While the condition may be embarrassing for women to talk about, it is important that they bring their concerns to doctors they know and trust to discuss possible treatment options.

What are signs that pelvic organ prolapse is occurring?

Outside of physically examining the pelvic area to look for dropping organs, women may experience problems such as urinary incontinence or fecal incontinence. Additionally, women may experience difficulty inserting a tampon or experience pelvic pressure that increases over the course of a day. Women may also feel a pressure or aching in the pelvic area that they hadn’t experienced before. These are common pelvic floor disorders that may impact one’s quality of life in a dramatic way.

What types of pelvic organ prolapse can occur?

    • Cystocele (bladder)
    • Rectocele (rectum)
    • Uterine prolapse (uterus)

How can a doctor treat pelvic organ prolapse?

The treatment best for an individual will vary greatly on different factors. However, some of the options that may be available include:

  • A pessary
  • Pelvic floor muscle therapy
  • Change of eating habits
  • Surgery with synthetic mesh or donor body tissue
  • Surgery to close the vaginal area (colpocleisis)

Are you experiencing pelvic organ prolapse?

If so, it is time to work with a provider to learn more about your treatment options. Call the team of Woodlands OBGYN Associates of The Woodlands, TX to discuss your condition and find a solution. Drs. Kellyn Rielly, Holly Westmoreland, Raj Syal, and Jenna Everson are conveniently located at 17183 1-45, Suite #610 and can be reached by phone for an appointment at (281) 364-9898.

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