3 Myths of Hormone Therapy

HRT or hormone replacement therapy is a medical treatment used to replace lost hormones resulting from menopause.  Additionally, HRT assists in protecting certain women from osteoporosis, which is a bone-degenerating, age-related disease.  Below are three myths about hormone replacement therapy:

Estrogen is Required for Orgasms

This is definitely false.  Even with very low estrogen levels, the majority of women still have orgasms.  Appropriate systemic or local estrogen therapy greatly assists in making intercourse more comfortable when there is an issue with pain or dryness.  However, there is no indication that hormone therapy is required for women to have orgasms.   Having said that, data is available that suggests that when some post-menopausal women use supplemental estrogen, it facilitates orgasms by increasing sensitivity and blood flow to the clitoris.

There is More Risks than Benefits

This depends on the individual; and as such, discussing hormone therapy with your doctor is vital.  However, studies have indicated that HRT has been found to lower the risk of heart attack and heart failure.  HRT could safeguard against brain aneurysms, and it also enhances muscle function.  In addition, it could reduce mortality rates for younger women during the early postmenopausal years.  Typically, the women who consider HRT are individuals who are afflicted with severe menopause symptoms.  The symptoms include night sweats and hot flashes, which sometimes result in depression, exhaustion, and insomnia.

Cancer Can Result From Hormone Replacement Therapy

It is a fact that improper hormone levels can be devastating on a woman’s system if she is already afflicted with certain cancers.  However, HRT is not a cause for cancer.  In women, breast, uterine and endometrial cancers are the most vulnerable to fluctuations in hormones.  The hormone levels of individuals suffering from these conditions should be closely monitored. Bioidentical HRT can assist healthy adults in reducing cancer risk by balancing natural hormone levels.

No matter what myths you’ve been told about hormone replacement therapy, always refer to your trusted doctor at the Woodlands OBGYN Associates. Give us a call today!

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