Enjoy Vaginal Rejuvenation Using the Non-Invasive Monalisa Touch Treatment

The Woodlands, TX area women who are unhappy with their sexual health often speak to their doctor about their needs. When women are interested in rejuvenating the vaginal area for improved sexual satisfaction, the doctors of Woodlands OBGYN Associates may recommend the MonaLisa Touch treatment.

What is MonaLisa Touch?

The MonaLisa Touch is a special laser device that is used to tighten and tone the soft tissues of the inner and outer genital area. Using a small probe, the doctor can deliver laser energy in a gentle yet effective manner. Most women who undergo treatments with the MonaLisa Touch often call it a “game-changer” for their sexual health and wellness. The treatment tightens the area which allows women to enjoy improved satisfaction from sexual intercourse. The tightened tissues can also reduce common problems caused by laxity such as urge or stress urinary incontinence.

Who is a candidate for MonaLisa Touch treatments?

Patients can visit with Drs. Kellyn Rielly, Holly Westmoreland, Raj Syal, and Jenna Everson to determine if they are an appropriate candidate for vaginal rejuvenation services such as MonaLisa Touch. Patients should be honest about tehri sexual health needs and the conditions that are impacting their vaginal area to find out if this treatment can provide the results they desire.

What can I expect during my MonaLisa Touch treatment?

Treatment using this laser device is fast and effective. Women relax in the treatment chair while a small probe is inserted into the vaginal canal. Patients experience a warming sensation as the laser light stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin in the vaginal canal, tightening and toning it without surgery. The probe can also be used on the outer lips of the vagina to help tighten these tissues as well.

What are the benefits of MonaLisa Touch?

Patients love using this treatment because it:

  • Does not require downtime or recovery
  • Is discreet and effective
  • Is a comfortable and speedy in-office procedure
  • Has minimal side effects and risks
  • Is non-surgical and non-invasive
  • Is cleared by the FDA

Woodlands OBGYN Associates

Women in The Woodlands, TX interested in learning more about vaginal rejuvenation with MonaLisa Touch are invited to request a consultation visit with Drs. Kelly Rielly, Holly Westmoreland, Raj Syal, and Jenna Everson. Call (281) 364-9898 and visit the practice at 17183 I-45 #610.

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