The Four Benefits of Estrogen: How Hormones Impact Your Health and Body Function

At Woodlands OBGYN Associates in The Woodlands, TX, women can obtain quality care from our team. One aspect of care we provide for women is hormone replacement therapy. Hormones play a vital role in our reproductive health, and when levels of hormones such as estrogen are low, it can impact an individual greatly. Estrogen replacement can provide many benefits for patients:

  • Relief of menopause symptoms. When estrogen levels drop upon the approach of menopause, women may begin to experience many of the problematic symptoms of menopause. This may include hot flashes, chills, excessive sweating, vaginal dryness, and difficulty sleeping. Replacing declining levels of estrogen during hormone therapy will ease these symptoms and improve one’s overall quality of life during this time of change.
  • Improves vaginal concerns. Vaginal health is just as important during the process of aging. The natural reduction of estrogen can cause changes to the vagina’s pH balance, lining, and tissues. This may result in vaginal dryness, atrophic vaginitis, and vulvar atrophy. Estrogen replacement can improve these conditions.
  • Assist in common ovary issues. The ovaries produce estrogen, and when this fails, patients may need to consider hormone therapy. Conditions that impact the ovaries, such as failure, female hypogonadism, or the removal of both ovaries via an oophorectomy can benefit from hormone replacement therapy to improve levels of estrogen.
  • Protection of the bones. Bone loss is common after menopause, but with estrogen replacement, many women can stop and reverse bone loss and avoid conditions such as osteoporosis which is common in aging women.

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