The importance of prenatal care

Congratulations! You’re pregnant! Now what?

Many women are unsure as the steps they need to take to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Outside of taking a pregnancy test to confirm conception, they may be lost as to the care they require. This is why prenatal care and attention with an OBGYN is the best first step expecting women can take!

What is prenatal care?

The team of Woodlands OBGYN Associates describe prenatal care as the medical care a woman and baby receives prior to giving birth. Most women consider prenatal care as the monitoring of gestational development and ultrasounds of the baby to determine gender. Prenatal care is much more than this. Prenatal care include:

  • Observing development to monitor for potential risks and complications
  • Improving the health and wellness of the mother
  • Influencing the health and development of the developing fetus
  • Ensures conditions such as diabetes and blood pressure are managed throughout pregnancy
  • Reducing the risk of complications by advising against drugs, alcohol, and certain prescription medications during pregnancy
  • Encouraging healthy eating habits to ensure proper weight growth throughout the pregnancy
  • Evaluating prescription medications to determine possible harm or complications for the growing fetus
  • Developing a birth plan when delivery approaches
  • Monitoring for birth defect sand other genetic conditions that may impact the fetus
  • Monitoring supplements and vitamin intake during pregnancy to reduce the risk of birth defects

As you can see, prenatal care is extremely vital to ensuring a healthy pregnancy and birth, and includes the monitoring of the entire process from conception to delivery. Having a medical professional on your side throughout this experience is critical to the health of mother and child.

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