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Family planning is a deeply personal choice. Whether you have already given birth and feel your family is complete or have made the decision to remain child free, high quality, reliable birth control options play an important role in your reproductive health. Understanding all of the birth control options available to you is the only way to make an informed decision.

The entire team of OBGYN The Woodlands Associates employs is dedicated to helping each woman and family decide and choose what is best for them. Because the OBGYN The Woodlands team recognizes that birth control is not a one option fits all scenario, they offer a variety of choices and are committed to helping women and their partners make the best choice possible for their family planning goals and medical situations. For women who have decided to end their fertility, Essure may be a good option for them to consider.

What Is Essure?

A non-hormonal insert, Essure is the only permanent, non surgical birth control currently available. Essure can help ease your concerns over an unplanned pregnancy and has been proven 99% effective in permanently terminating fertility in patients.

For over ten years, Essure has helped over 750,000 women avoid unplanned pregnancies and take control of their reproductive health safely and effectively. Many health insurance plans cover the cost of Essure and it is approved by the Federal Drug Administration.

How Does Essure Work?

A doctor will place small Essure inserts into your fallopian tubes. The inserts work with your body to create a natural and permanent barrier that will prevent sperm from reaching and fertilizing your eggs to prevent pregnancy.

Is Essure Effective Immediately?

No. The natural barrier formed by the Essure inserts takes some time to fully form. During this time, you and your partner will need to use another reliable form of birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Three months after insertion of Essure, your doctor will preform an Essure Confirmation Test to make sure the barrier is working and you can safely depend on Essure for pregnancy prevention.

In some cases, Essure can take longer than three months to be effective so it is extremely important you use another birth control method until your doctor advises you it that your inserts are effective and dependable. If you have unprotected sex before your doctor has performed the Essure Confirmation Test and given you the all clear to depend on the inserts, you may become pregnant.

Is There Any Recovery Time After An Essure Insertion?

No. The insertion of Essure takes just a mere ten minutes. Completely non surgical and safe, most women get to go home just 45 minutes after insertion and can return to normal work and activities within a couple of days.

For women and families that have made the decision to permanently eliminate their fertility, Essure is a good option to consider. Call The Woodlands OBGYN Associates today to schedule an appointment and learn more about Essure  to discover if Essure is the right option for you.

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