How often do I need ultrasounds when pregnant?

felipe bustillo 7ixep6004ts unsplash 1 Congratulations on your pregnancy! This is a wonderful journey for many women who enter into motherhood for the first time. Growing and delivering a healthy baby is critical for every mother, and with the help of a quality team of obstetricians and gynecologists, women can navigate this journey with medical professionals who care. Part of the recommended medical care for pregnant women is the use of ultrasounds. 

Why are ultrasounds critical during pregnancy? 

Ultrasounds are a great way for new mothers to see their baby in the womb and watch them grow during the trimesters. In most situations, ultrasounds are used to confirm pregnancy and to determine the sex of the baby. Most women having a healthy pregnancy may have two or three ultrasounds during this time. However, there are times when a doctor may recommend more regular ultrasounds. This is often recommended when a mother-to-be is considered high risk due to previous problematic pregnancies or early deliveries, or those who are carrying multiples such as twins or triplets. Certain medical conditions can also be diagnosed with ultrasounds, and in situations such as this, regular ultrasounds may be continued through the trimesters to monitor development. 

Do I need an ultrasound at every OB appointment? 

Many women who are considered high risk or are concerned about medical issues that may impact their baby may wonder if they need an ultrasound during every OB appointment. This is not always the case, and varies depending on how often the patient is recommended to visit the doctor. During appointments, women can ask questions about the health and development of the baby, and many of these questions can be answered with ultrasounds. This tool is used to diagnose medical conditions, determine the sex of the baby, and to accurately measure the baby to determine age and growth. This can also help in determining conception date and an expected delivery date. 

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