Don’t Let Excessive Bleeding Slow You Down

The NovaSure procedure is a simple in office procedure to help stop, or reduce, menstrual bleeding. Without the use of hormones or surgery, bleeding can be decreased allowing you to enjoy life free from the concerns of excessive bleeding and cramping.

NovaSure is a 5-minute procedure that reduces the lining of the uterus to minimize or eliminate menstrual cycles.

NovaSure Advantages

Safety. Over 2 million procedures have been performed over the past 10 years.

Effective. 90 percent of patients treated with NovaSure report satisfaction with reduction in bleeding.

In office. Procedures performed in the office avoid additional hospital deductibles and expenses.

Recovery. Most patients experience minimal pain and return to normal activity the next day. We do use IV sedation provided by a board certified anesthesiologist.

Insurance. Excellent insurance coverage with most plans.

The physicians at Woodlands OBGYN Associates endorse and perform NovaSure to reduce excessive bleeding. Book your appointment with one of our physicians to see if NovaSure is the right procedure for you.

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Dr. Syal
Raj Syal MD

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